Agile Business Operating Models

In addition to the importance of accelerating time to market with new products and services it is critically important for the organisation to turn the analytical lens on itself and assess what can be done to accelerate its business and functional operating models and underpinning business processes.

Clearly defined governance mechanisms, efficient business processes, effective standard operating procedures, well-balanced use of automated and manual controls, and real-time monitoring mechanisms are required.

We help you to turn the lens on yourself to assess the current maturity and fitness for purpose of all of the above areas. We aim to determine where you are in order to understand and determine what can be done in order to accelerate and improve in the future.

This is achieved by strengthening governance mechanisms, formalising and enhancing business processes and standard operating procedures. Tightening controls by increasing the use of automation balanced and optimised with the right level of manual controls.

Equally critical is defining an appropriate set of performance metrics that focus on business outcomes and measure what really matters.