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ASPIRE Performance Improvement

We are business and technology consultants and operational specialists who listen to your needs, challenge your thinking, and provide insights.

CXO Diagnostic Tool

Get rapid understanding, analysis and action today.

Addressing the BREXIT Challenge

Is your business ready for the implications of BREXIT? Don’t underestimate the implications! To take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, plan for contingencies and stay ahead of the competition you need to ACT NOW!

Driving Organisational Performance Improvement

This course explores the use of sports science and sporting psychology in business in order to improve individual, team and organisational performance through a blended integrated holistic approach.

CEO Diagnostics

The CEO Diagnostic Training Course is a one day course designed to train attendees in how to run self-service diagnostic exercises within their own business or for their clients/customers to help solve complex business problems, deliver performance improvement and drive business growth.

Accelerating B2B Growth with Digital Marketing

Digital is now affecting every part of a business' delivery. Digital is forcing all businesses to change in order to survive. Digital transformation creates new opportunities for a business. Our course will help you to maximise the opportunities that digital marketing can create and accelerate your business to business growth

Benefits Realisation Management

The benefits realisation management course is here to consider the approach, organisation and governance required to manage the complexity of benefits realisation management in a structured, integrated way across your entire business.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A major change is coming. Our EU GDPR course guides you through how to get to a compliant state, utilising a risk-based gap analysis approach focusing on business processes rather than applying an ineffective “one size fits all” approach to GDPR compliance.

Selling Professionally

Everyone is in the business of selling. This course will help you and your business win deals. Aspire tailors its courses for your business as we will apply our knowledge and IP to your problems specifically.

Transactional Process Improvement

Our transactional process improvement course will help you implement breakthrough improvements within your business. After completing this course, delegates will have acquired a new approach to process creation and improvement that they can use again and again.


The Assertiveness: Activate your self-confidence course explores how you can communicate your message with maximum impact – confidently articulating in such a way to bring about positive results whilst utilising new skills and habits.

Building High Performance Teams

This building high performance teams course explores how to build collaborative teams to bring about maximum impact in the business. We aim to raise the game of excellent leaders to become outstanding.

Change Management

Aspire's change management course enables delegates to build sustainable change frameworks within a changing environment, culture and economy using cutting edge software technology and teaching methodologies helping you respond to complex challenges.

Coaching Skills

Aspire's coaching skills programme is aimed at leaders to help them explore the dynamics of setting up a peak performance coaching Ccinic within your organisation to help provide individuals with personal 1-1 executive coaching sessions to align with the strategic vision of the business.

Effective Communications (In Challenging Situations)

This effective communication course explores how to communicate effectively with maximum impact with particular emphasis on how to address challenging people and situations. We will provide a framework upon which you will develop your expertise in communicating with excellence.

Emotional Intelligence

Organisations today face greater scrutiny, and new risk parameters. Stakeholder perceptions of corporate and executive integrity, add to the need for more emotional intelligence in the workplace. Greater sensitivity to the outcome or impact of individual or corporate action, will become a major corporate asset.

Leadership: Introduction to Leadership

This is a modular programme that provides delegates clarity about the breadth of their roles and their areas of responsibility by making sure that management, leadership and leading are understood in a practical and meaningful way.

Leadership: Advanced Leadership

Leadership and the leader are often taken to be one and the same. This programme challenges that belief. It offers the opportunity to reflect on what leadership is in the context of your own experiences of leadership and on being a leader.

Leadership for the 21st Century: Executive Leadership Development

The pace and unpredictability of change in a global context means that many long-established models of leadership are becoming increasingly redundant.