CEO Diagnostics

Solving Complex Business Problems with Maturity Assessments & Corporate Diagnostics

Course Description

The CEO Diagnostic Training Course is a 1-day course designed to train attendee's in how to run self-service diagnostic exercises within their own business or for their clients / customers to help (1) solve complex business problems, (2) deliver performance improvement and (3) drive business growth.

The course is aimed primarily at board level business directors, senior management team members and aspiring managers and consultants who wish to pragmatically and proactively make a significant difference to their business by helping to identify, shape and manage the change required to deliver value to the business.

The course is equally applicable to independent consultants, consultancies, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who wish to acquire or strengthen skills to help them to sell strategically into board level management teams by understanding the practical issues the CEO and senior leadership teams are wrestling with. This in turn allows them to consider how they can better position their product and service offers by selling in a more consultative manner and focusing on how they help their clients to solve business problems.

Our Approach

The Aspire Approach is designed to reduce the cost of typical external third party supported consultancy engagements down from the Big 4 £500k plus engagement to a £50k - £100k model by adopting a lighter touch agile consultancy model that leverages a more training and facilitation oriented approach. This significantly increases the potential ROI for the business by significantly changing the level of costs incurred.

The course will cover the following areas:

1. The Challenge: Wrestling with ambiguity - Cultural, Political, Human, Process, and Technology Challenges

2. The ASPIRE (Assess, Scope, Prepare, Investigate, Recommend, Execute) Performance Improvement Diagnostic Approach

3. Applying the CXO Diagnostic Models

4. Applying the Balanced Scorecard Lenses

5. Assessing the Need - Practical Points

6. Scoping the Response - Practical Points

7. Preparing the Plan - Practical Points

8. Investigation and Analytical Methods - Practical Points

9. Recommendations - Producing High Quality Deliverables - Summary of Findings & Recommendations, Business Case for Change, Investment Case for Change, and the Transformation / Change Roadmap and Plan.

10. Executing the Transformation / Change Plan

11. The Top CEO Problems and resolution Tips

12. The CEO Diagnostic - Assess your organisations situation and maturity

Course Info

The public courses will typically be run for a mixed audience from a range of different companies and backgrounds allowing the cross-fertilization of ideas and the sharing of lateral insights and experiences.

The course cost includes a copy of the book "Business Survival, Innovation and Growth" (Typically £25 + VAT) available on Amazon and a 12-month subscription to the Aspire E-Learning Management System (Typically £400 + VAT per user licence). The day rate covers refreshments and a light lunch as well.

We have also recently published the CEO Diagnostic mobile application on Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Blackberry and Microsoft applications stores for mobile devices. The application provides information on the ASPIRE approach and CEO diagnostic and includes a set of 3 interactive survey examples that can be used to assess the maturity of your business or a client's business.

Accommodation costs at the hotel are not included in the course cost - please arrange directly with the Holiday Inn, Basingstoke where needed.
If you would prefer to run a tailored session in-house for your own team of staff or consultants, then do contact us on 01256 700472 or email us at

We look forward to seeing you at one of our training events booked through Eventbrite or at a tailored in-house training session booked separately as outlined above.