Diagnostic Driven Approach

ASPIRE provides business consulting services to our customers. Our consulting is strategy and transformation oriented and targeted for Executive Leadership (CxO levels) of customer organisation. As part of our consulting methodology, ASPIRE deploys a diagnostics tool to understand the AS IS status of the consulting area and TO BE model of the same.

The 3-Step Diagnostic Approach

ASPIRE has built a diagnostic tool platform to enable:

- Execution of diagnostics on-line via smartphones, tablets or desktops
- Consolidate responses on a centralised server
- Analyse the data and produce pre-determined reports
- Provide offline viewing of reports


01. Gather Information

Understand capabilities and goals. Gather information using 24-box model

02. Assess Findings

Analyse and score findings. Playback results and drive consensus


03. Publish Proposal

Generate proposal with action plan and recommendations

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