Driving Organisational Performance Improvement

Empowering Your Team to Solve Your Complex Business & Technology Challenges

Course Description

This course explores the use of sports science and sporting psychology in business in order to improve individual, team and organisational performance through a blended integrated holistic approach.

Many organisations today whether public or private obsess with short term financial performance to the detriment of the organisations long term sustainable success. If we compare the Sports Industry particularly elite team based sports they recognise that the success of the business is totally dependent on the success of the individual harnessed as part of a successful team. We believe that the Boards of Directors and Leadership teams need to be completely refocus, renergise and empower their teams to succeed by harnessing the power of the individual working as an effective team member. Many organisations are losing site of their "reason for being" and they along with their staff and their organisations are suffering as a consequence.

We believe there is a better way of working. This course explores best practice tools and techniques from the worlds of sports science, sales and business development coaching blended with the Aspire Performance Improvements Corporate Diagnostic approach to deliver a unique and powerful way to assess your organisations maturity and drive a step change in performance improvement across the entire organisation by changing they way you think, motivate, and empower people to act.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- Understand how elite individual performance is driven in practice using the Performance Anatomy Model

- Identify leadership styles and the impact on team performance.
Apply management and strategic models, frameworks and theories to improve team performance.

- Understand team dynamics, team development and management.
Gain insight into use of sports science and psychology to improve team performance.

- Learn techniques to use to change limiting behaviours.

- Use the approach to create a Personal Leadership Model

- Understand how the Aspire Organisational Performance Improvement model can be applied across your business functions

This course is designed for Directors & Team Managers with responsibility for delivering exceptional business performance and results in public or private organisations operating in any industry sector.

Course Info

The course follows the following structure covering the topics summarised briefly below:

Day 1:

- Course Introduction

- Course Objectives/Ground Rules

- Background – Relationship between business excellence and elements of sport psychology.

- Introduction to the Performance Anatomy Model and Aspire Organisational Performance Improvement Models

- Module 1 - Leadership Styles - Leadership Behaviour & Styles, Situational Leadership, Decision-Making, Communicating Effectively

- Module 2 – Team Development & Dynamics - Team formulation, Key Performance Indicators, Understanding National Culture, Conflict Management

- Module 3 – Communications

Day 2:

- Module 4 - Motivational Theories, Mind-sets & Beliefs - Belief systems, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Emotions & Performance productivity.

- Module 5 –Coaching Techniques - Coaching concepts, Sport Case Study

- Module 6 – Managing Change

- Module 7 – Driving Organisational Performance Improvement – Leveraging the Aspire Organisational Performance Approach

- Module 8 – Creating a Personal Leadership Model - Participants take learning from the modules and build an individual plan.

The public courses will typically be run for a mixed audience from a range of different companies and backgrounds allowing the cross-fertilization of ideas and the sharing of lateral insights and experiences.

The course cost includes a 12-month subscription to the Aspire E-Learning Management System (Typically £400 + VAT per user licence). The day rate covers refreshments and a light lunch as well.

Accommodation costs are not included in the course cost - please arrange directly where needed.

If you would us prefer to run a tailored session in-house for your own leadership team, then do contact us on 01256 700472 or email us at info@aspireperformanceimprovement.com.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our training events booked through Eventbrite or at a tailored in-house training session booked separately as outlined above.