Global Brewing Industry Leader

Business Process Maturity Assessment and Optimisation Review

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Client Need

The CIO of the global brewing industry leader had initiated an Enterprise Process Management review to look at over 900 business critical processes across their business and supply chain management functions. The founding director of Aspire was asked to perform an independent and rapid review of the global brewing industry leaders supply chain management processes to assure their approach.

Our Approach

The Aspire founder was engaged to conduct a rapid maturity assessment of several key supply chain management processes. A short ,sharp 12 day review was conducted for specific processes selected with over 20 interviews conducted to understand underlying problems in: order entry, call centre, credit control, ullage, supply chain management, internal audit and business intelligence functions.

Outcome delivered

The Aspire founder looked at the following areas for each key process analysed: operating principles and business context; key accountabilities and RACI Model; process maps and standard operating procedures; organisation design and role definition; Governance mechanisms for management and control, KPIs and monitoring mechanisms; QA approach to validate process effectiveness. All topics were covered in the summary of findings and recommendations report, together with a roadmap for change to enhance the Enterprise Process Management programme.