Global Insurance Industry Leader

CEO Sponsored Vendor Relationship Turnaround Strategy Review

Business - Digital - Professional Services

Client Need

A severity one business critical outage resulted in a meeting between the CEOs of both the global outsource leader and global insurance industry leader. Both parties decided to perform a business and IT health check to understand the alternate perspectives of both parties in an effort to avoid the need to terminate a $1 Billion contract. Legal teams had mobilised on both sides to look at their own exit strategy.

Our Approach

The Aspire founder was engaged to help shape and conduct the business and IT health check. A team of five resources was deployed for ten weeks utilising the Aspire CIO Diagnostic model to support the analysis. Interviews were conducted 1 to 1 and in small groups to get to the hidden truths and root causes underlying the issues between both parties. The challenges were analysed from both parties' perspective with the team assigned asked to be objective and independent.

Outcome Delivered

The Aspire founder helped to deliver the summary of findings and recommendations to the CEOs of both companies. The health check significantly changed the client's perception of the outsourcer as a trusted advisor and true business partner, with relationships moving from red to green rapidly The change in attitudes has resulted in the $1 Billion contract being continued and £$ to $2 Billion in additional revenues being identified. The account team's approach to collaboratively working with the client has been significantly improved.