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Business Process Improvement Review

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Client Need

Client required Aspire to conduct a review of all of their business processes across each of the major lines of business. Primary purpose was to identify problem areas which needed to be addressed in short, medium and long term timescales and classified as high, medium and low priority items to solve or improve the efficiency, effectiveness and/or economy of the processes concerned. In addition, the client asked Aspire to support the implementation of their Micorosft Dynamics ERP implementation by providing programme management services working with the chosen implementation team and client project team.

Our Approach

High level zero AS IS business process maps were produced illustrating the integration of all core business functions and major processes. Each process was analysed down to a level 2 process map and issues and problem areas were surfaced and mapped onto the process maps to aid transparency and understanding of issues. This allowed facilitated workshops to look at how the underlying root causes and issues could be addressed by improving the business process. This thinking was then leveraged as part of the new TO BE process definition work in conjunction with the ERP implementation.

Outcome delivered

Full business process maps were constructed for levels 0,1 and 2 across major lines of business. Significant numbers of issues were flagged to the board and managed through to completion. Programme planning, governance and reporting disciplines were introduced to help manage the ERP implementation. Best practice procedural documents were produced to help the end user community to learn how to use the new system.