M&A Advisory Specialist

Staff Augmentation Services - Run EGA/ERA Services,  Exit Assessments and Growth and Business Planning

Business - Digital - Professional Services - MA & D

Client Need

The client, an established Merger, Acquisition and Divestment specialist, focusing on business consulting and technology clients required support to help two clients look at their M&A needs. (Client 1) needed help to analyse their personal exit strategies, business divestment options and growth strategies and (Client 2) needed help to develop a 5 year strategy and business plan..

Our Approach

Aspire provided experienced subject matter experts to help our client satisfy the needs of both of their clients by running 1:1 interviews with board members/owners to understand personal objectives, value and assess the growth prospects of multiple business lines through equity growth assessments/exit readiness assessment exercises for client 1. For client 2 we have worked closely with a group of thirty partners to help develop their 5 year strategy and business plan through one to one meetings, group workshops and facilitated sessions at partner meetings.

Outcome delivered

The Aspire team continues to help our client expand and improve the quality of their relationships with their clients providing a 100% return on their investments in our team with a 50% gross margin. With both clients, the relationships developed have also generated other positive spin-off business opportunities by pro-actively providing high quality, collaborative services that add real tangible value recognised by both client examples above.