NHS NPFIT Review and Stabilisation Programme

NHS Operational Processes and IT Stabilisation Programme

Business - Digital - Professional Services

Client Need

Performed rapid IT assessment regarding implementation of a new patient care record system into large London NHS Trusts. Identified problems categorised: (A) User issues (operational inefficiencies, training and user data entry) (B) Systems issues (systems inefficiencies, functionality and set-up/configuration (C) User support (poor communications, slow change request handling, poor systems support) (D) Systems integration Issues. Asked to oversee trust stabilisation programme work-streams: (1) Achieve 18 weeks referral to treaiment targets (2) Stabilise booking and scheduling processes (3) Stabilise patient CRS system (4) Achieve 4 hour emergency access target (5) Deliver income and expenditure control target (6) Achieve infection control targets.

Our Approach

Performed review via interviews IT and Operations Director, members of the operations and IT team, and user community representatives e.g. Chief Medical Officer, CFO and COO. Identified problem areas to be addressed (A-D) above. Reviewed approach and progress made by each major work-stream listed (1-6) above. Recommended standardised approach to manage each work-stream via integrated programme plan. Developed reporting into stabilisation programme board (weekly) & Trust board (monthly). Liaised with work-stream leads to produce reports for stabilisation programme board and Trust board.

Outcome Delivered

Identified and raised profile of issues occurring due to implementation of patient CRS. Established governance and monitoring framework for assessing progress. Surfaced risks and issues and undertook root cause analysis. Enhanced programme plans. Helped plan and run workshops for Inpatient, Outpatient, theatres, waiting list, and A&E. Over 600 issues identified (40-50% relating to process, control and ownership issues) sytems issues (30-35%).