NHS NPFIT Review & Stabilisation Programme

NHS Operational Processes & IT Stabilisation Programme

Business - Digital - Prof Svcs

Client Need

Performed rapid IT assessment regarding implementation of a new Patient Care Record System into large London NHS Trusts. Identified problems categorised: (A) User Issues (Operational inefficiencies, training, & user data entry) (B) Systems Issues (Systems inefficiencies, functionality and set-up / configuration (C) User Support (poor comms, slow change request handling, poor systems support) (D) Systems Integration Issues. Asked to oversee Trust Stabilisation Programme work-streams: (1) Achieve 18 Weeks Referral To Treatment targets (2) Stabilise booking & scheduling processes (3) Stabilise Patient CRS system (4) Achieve 4 Hour emergency access target (5) Deliver Income & Expenditure Control target (6) Achieve infection control targets.

Our Approach

Performed review via interviews IT & Operations Director, members of the Operations and IT team, and user community representatives e.g. Chief Medical Officer, CFO and COO. Identified problem areas to be addressed (A-D) above. Reviewed approach & progress made by each major work-stream listed (1-6) above. Recommended standardised approach to manage each work-stream via integrated programme plan. Developed reporting into Stabilisation Programme Board (weekly) & Trust Board (monthly). Liaised with work-stream leads to produce reports for Stabilisation Programme Board and Trust Board.

Outcome Delivered

Identified & raised profile of issues occurring due to implementation of Patient CRS. Established governance and monitoring framework for assessing progress. Surfaced risks & issues and undertook root cause analysis. Enhance programme plans. Helped plan & run workshops for Inpatient, Outpatient, Theatres, Waiting List, and A&E. Over 600 issues identified (40-50% relating to process, control and ownership issues) systems issues (30-35%).