Harnessing Digital Technology as Enabler for Change

Every one from the Big 5 management consulting firms through to SME business owners are talking about the importance of the rise of digital technology driven by cloud based applications and infrastructures, the internet of things, big data analytics, the need to harness social media and leverage new digital media channels to market.

Many are jumping on the bandwagon to pioneer and explore this brave new world. However many are also underestimating the real practical challenges associated with moving from the old world of in-house safe secure, technology solutions owned and managed by you or your outsource partners to a new world of externally managed technology solutions. The new world is typically comprised of a multitude of point solutions where migration of key data from old to new world can be problematic and where lack of integration between external point solutions can significantly impact breadth, quality and speed of service.

We have a strong ERP background grounded in addressing the issues of data migration, technology simplification and integration and are as a result able to help you think through and solve the challenges of moving from old to new world. In addition, the business case has to stack up we help you to assess if it makes good commercial sense and help you to understand the true costs of transformation involved.

We help you to not only think creatively and innovate but also to implement the cultural change necessary to inspire the rest of your organisation to contribute to innovation whether it is through new product or service design, improvements to current products and services or improving the way your processes work internally and / or externally with your customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, business partners and wider stakeholder communities.