International Healthcare Group

Board and Group Reporting Review

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Client Need

The Finance Director of a large international healthcare group with annual turnover in excess of £200m required a review of current board reporting, line of business and geographic reporting requirements. This was due to significant differences in the standards being applied in practice across different regional operations impacting the consistency, alignment and accuracy of group wide reporting capabilities.

Our Approach

Aspire was asked to conduct a short, sharp review of the situation which involved running one to one meetings and group regional workshops to help understand the regional specific challenges, critical differences, alignment issues and to consider options to resolve the matters identified. Board and bank reporting, processes and systems, transfer pricing, IFRS conversion and consolidation matters were all covered.

Outcome Delivered

Aspire provided recommendations on a Group Reporting Improvement Programme (GRIP) and plan of action to the Finance Director and the Group Reporting Director on how the board reporting could be improved and how the regional alignment could be achieved as well as recommendations on how all of the topics above could be tackled as one integrated programme of work.