International Technology Company

Board M&A Advisory Review – Divestment, Exit Strategy and long Term growth review

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Client Need

The Board of Directors of a £20m plus Turnover Technology product and services group wanted to conduct a Equity Growth Assessment and a Transaction Readiness Assessment to look at their options regarding divestment of business lines, exit strategy, equity release and longer term growth plans.

Our Approach

Aspire supported one to one interviews with the directors to understand their personal preferences which were then shared with the board to help assess and align thinking. Next an Equity Growth Assessment was conducted to determine alternate exit strategy scenarios and to help consider a variety of options available to the board. Finally a Transaction Readiness Assessment was conducted to determine the boards readiness to act and assess and identify areas that would need to be tackled in advance.

Outcome delivered

Aspire helped the board to align their thinking and personal objectives and agree on a preferred timeline for action. The Equity Growth Assessment helped the board to determine their preferred strategy and the Transaction Readiness Assessment helped the board to focus on issues areas that would need to be tackled as a priority to optimise the value achieved from divestments and drive further business growth to aid their longer term exit strategy.