Luxury Interior Design and Household Retail Chain

Confidential and Sensitive M&A Advisory Services

Business - MA & D

Client Need

The CEO and COO of a medium sized design and manufacturing branch of a world renowned luxury interior design and household retail organisation needed help with a complex M&A advisory matter. Their concerns were around ownership and shareholding implications of a development at group level that would potentially have severe consequences and broad ranging implications for their organisation going forwards.

Our Approach

Aspire provided an executive coaching and mentoring service and ran meetings and workshops with key staff members including the CEO and COO in order to explore and understand the management team's concerns across a number of critical exposure points including legal, property, finance, tax and ongoing business perspectives given a critical development with the owner of the group and related parties.

Outcome delivered

Aspire added value immediately by helping the CEO and COO to defend against a structural share holding change being imposed by the group founding director's solicitor. Aspire provided the CEO and COO with a comprehensive list of tasks and activities for their team to work through to properly understand and assess the potential impact of the changes proposed by group. Aspire helped to provide a robust counter challenge and counter proposal for the groups founding director’s consideration.