Our Capabilities

We do things differently. We transition our knowledge and experience into your organisation through training, mentoring and consulting; empowering your team to solve your complex business and technology challenges.

How We Typically Engage and Empower

Empowering your Team to Solve your Complex Business and Technology Challenges

Aspire Approach


  • Understand the need
  • Share insights
  • Determine where to look and probe
  • Identify people to interview and involve
  • Discuss team structure

Key Activities

  • Conduct initial introductory meeting
  • Consider requirements
  • Conduct a more in-depth scoping meeting to answer the questions outlined above
  • Develop the draft statement of work, listing the proposed
  • Agree the deliverables format and content


  • Executive summary
  • Purpose and background
  • Objectives and approach
  • Deliverables and timescales
  • Resources and costs
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Dependencies, issues, risks and constraints


  • Develop a clear plan
  • Identify key dates, milestones, resulting resource and cost implications

Key Activities

  • Finalise and agree the Statement of Work
  • Produce and manage the project plan
  • Define and manage the resourcing plan
  • Agree, formalise and communicate the governance and team structure
  • Agree, formalise and communicate the project review cycle and schedule


  • Jointly agreed Statement of Work
  • High level plan
  • Agreed terms and conditions
  • Initial investment plan, costs and resourcing
  • Timeline agreed
  • Roles and responsibilities


  • Refine the plan
  • Prepare and schedule interviews and workshops required

Key Activities

  • Define information request
  • Develop interview and workshop schedule
  • Agree governance and reporting approach
  • Develop and distribute workshop agendas
  • Issue invites
  • Plan and confirm logistics
  • Run joint kick-off session for diagnostic


  • Interview schedule
  • Workshop plan
  • Governance structure and reporting mechanism
  • Information request
  • Risk and issues log
  • Agree deliverables
  • Project report format
  • Project review schedule


  • Review documents received via information request to aid understanding of context and background, support analysis and inform the summary of findings, roadmap, investment plan and business case produced

Key Activities

  • Conduct interviews
  • Prepare and run workshops
  • Analyse reports and information received
  • Review background information
  • Escalate urgent issues
  • Identify risks and consider mitigation strategies
  • Identify key constraints


  • Provide Summary of Findings updates to inform management
  • Complete weekly progress report to inform management


  • Produce the core deliverables namely the Summary of Findings report, investment plan, business case and change roadmap based on analysis of information received and input from interviews, surveys and workshops

Key Activities

  • Write Summary of Findings report
  • Provide summary of suggested actions
  • Develop business case and investment plan
  • Develop change roadmap
  • Prioritise tasks, activities, projects and programmes into short, medium and long term time categories and prioritise


  • Summary of Findings
  • Business case
  • Investment plan
  • Transformation Roadmap for Change based on prioritisation
    • Short/medium/long term
    • High/medium/low priority


  • Take deliverables from Recommendations phase and define the detailed programme and project plans to realise the necessary changes from a people, process and technology perspective

Key Activities

  • Develop individual project charters
  • Develop detailed programme, project plans
  • Develop resourcing plans
  • Define individual business cases
  • Develop individual investment plans
  • Develop risk summaries


  • Project charters
  • Detailed project and resourcing plans
  • Individual business cases and investment plans

Ways We Typically Engage & Help

Outlined below are just a few of common problem areas that we can help you with. We welcome the opportunity to help you, so do give us a call or arrange a confidential meeting to discuss further.

Addressing the BREXIT Challenge

We help you to understand the breadth, depth and scope of the EU's reach and impact and to prepare for the potential effect BREXIT will have on your organisation.

Innovation that Delivers Tangible Results

Businesses and organisations today often see innovation as a broken and expensive process that fails to generate the practical bottom line results required.

Driving Organic Growth Sales

We provide consultative selling, training and advisory services to your team.

Accelerating Time to Market

Businesses and organisations today cannot stand still for a second.

Improving Customer Experience & Service Quality

Ensure that you deliver the best possible customer experience and superior service quality.

Harnessing Digital Technology as Enabler for Change

Many are jumping on the bandwagon to pioneer and explore this brave new world.

Agile Business Operating Models

We help you to turn the lens on yourself to assess the current maturity and fitness for purpose of all of the above areas.

Adopting the Mantra of Quality

The mantra of continuous improvement through Total Quality Management (TQM) remains as critical today as it was when it was first introduced.

Adopting Organisational Resilience

With the rising threat from cybercrime and identity theft, regulatory bodies are increasingly imposing higher standards of protection to protect and safeguard their customers and their data.

Smart Sustainable Cost Reduction

We help you examine the long term implications of the decisions taken to ensure that you are fit for survival and growth not just to satisfy the short term needs of the financial markets.