Effective Communications

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This Effective Communications Course explores how to communicate effectively with maximum impact with particular emphasis on how to address challenging people and situations. We will provide a framework upon which you will develop your expertise in communicating with excellence.

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The course will cover how to employ active listening techniques, how to add pauses, eliminate fillers and add simple skills to enhance your ability to communicate with great effect. You will also learn how to vary your message when engaging with western cultures/middle-eastern cultures to bring about cohesive communication.

You will learn:

  • How to communicate with passion, energy and enthusiasm.
  • How to articulate your message with confidence and focus using body language, gestures and verbal skills to create rapport.
  • How to deal with challenging behaviours and situations using tried and tested methodology.
  • You will also discover how to spot behaviours and prepare before they manifest and address them with confidence.

The ASPIRE Approach to Effective Communication will help you to empoweryour organisation to:

  • ASSESS your implications
  • SCOPE the response required by your team
  • PREPARE the plan to investigate and research further
  • INVESTIGATE and analyse the implications, options and scenarios to be addressed
  • RECOMMEND the way forward
  • EXECUTE your programme


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