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Who does this scheme suit?
Our Partner Membership Scheme is designed for individuals that want to work in close collaboration with the Aspire team to learn, grow, pitch, sell and deliver products and services to clients together in a supportive, collegiate manner.

This membership scheme is ideal for individuals that are looking for a fresh challenge that provides interesting and challenging projects that they will enjoy working on that plays to their strengths and interests. In a flat, non-bureaucratic organisation free from politics that fosters deliberately a culture of supportive peers. This membership will also appeal to individuals that are considering leaving or have left full time employment or are frustrated with the constant fear of redundancy in their current place of work but equally are daunted by the thought of starting to run and grow their own business.

Equally individuals that have tried to run their own business but may have become frustrated by having to handle and balance the constant admin, sales and delivery demands on their time and the inevitable peaks and troughs that occur. As well as avoiding the significant costs that need to be incurred personally to operate their own business may prefer to pay a low fixed annual membership fee and leverage Aspires front and back office investments.

What benefits does the member receive?

The membership scheme is designed to pay a very favourable day rate weighted in favour of the member on deals that the Aspire team has sold that the member supports from a delivery perspective. The member is also rewarded for introducing new clients and new members to the Aspire team. Members enjoy significant discounts on all Aspire e-learning and training products. They are invited to participate in pipeline discussions but are also expected to contribute to the pipeline and/or support go to market activities and / or contribute SME content that can be converted into on an e-learning training course / product that can be sold through the Aspire Store and delivered through our e-learning platform and by team members in face to face public and private training courses.

The Partner members will also have their first batch of business cards printed, email addresses arranged, and Microsoft Office Premium software (O365) provided. Access to two Training Courses ((1) The CEO Diagnostic Course (Retail Price: £500) and (2) The Addressing the BREXIT Challenge course (Retail Price: £500) via our e-learning platform are also included in the price.

Members will also be able to participate in business initiatives with Aspire Business Partnerships. More news will follow on this front shortly when we publish our Partners Page in the next few weeks.

To discuss further and to obtain specific details on the benefits and reward model call us on telephone number:+44 1256 700472 or email us at We welcome your interest and look forward to discussing how we can work together collaboratively.


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