Smart Sustainable Cost Reduction

The rise to prominence of the accounting profession combined with the constant scrutiny of the financial markets and global media industry has meant that in many instances organisations have had to implement drastic cost cutting exercises and redundancy programmes under the banner of restructuring to survive.

Decisions have been taken with a focus on short term quick fixes which have undermined the organisations ability to survive as a long term viable business. Organisations have cut knowledgeable experienced staff and outsourced to external suppliers to cut costs to the bone.

The problem above has exacerbated problems around knowledge management, ownership and accountability in practice and has contributed to a huge enterprise and technological debt problem building up within many organisations today.

We help you to really examine the long term implications of the restructuring and sourcing decisions you are taken to ensure that you are fit for survival and growth not just to satisfy the short term needs of the financial markets. We help you to define transformational programmes with strong legs that really moves you in the direction of the long term business interest not the short term quick fix that kills your business in the long run.